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A Dixie Jane Baker Collection Featuring Alice Wallace

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A Dixie Jane Baker Collection Featuring Alice Wallace

Dixie Jane Baker’s songwriting can best be described as poetry with a lasting melody.  Baker’s work, featured in “A Dixie Jane Baker Collection Featuring Alice Wallace”, simultaneously evokes reflection and joy.  Alice Wallace – who was hand selected by Baker to be the voice for this collection – delivers smooth and vibrant vocals on the album which waltzes along dreamily through feelings of triumph and romance.

Having taken root in the Pacific Northwest, Baker’s songwriting delivers hints of the quieter and more reflective aspects of human nature.  Her songs tell a story, and often provide food for thought- inspired greatly by her time spent hiking in the western mountains.

Dixie wrote her first song at 14 years old and pursued piano and choir throughout the years.   Many of her songs were born of humming a melody incessantly to herself until memorized.  Later, she began to hold onto ideas by carrying and using a hand-held recorder.  It wasn’t until 10 years ago that she made the decision to immortalize her songs into written form.

Having developed her songs by playing by ear, Dixie began taking lessons with acclaimed musician Kathryn Castrodale who assisted her immensely by helping her learn to put the notes on paper.  With this new knowledge, Baker completed many songs with precision and now has over 100 written pieces.  She presented some of her earlier work to Bear Creek Studios in Washington who knew they had found something special and immediately recorded her songs.  Artists commented on how her meter matched her lyrics; making her songs easy to sing.

She and her husband found Alice Wallace and knew that she would be a wonderful voice for Dixie’s songs.  Wallace was equally drawn to Baker’s songwriting and agreed to collaborate almost immediately.  In the first year of their agreement, Wallace was recorded singing 2 of Dixie’s songs and last year she recorded 8 more.  Baker, Wallace, and Wallace’s band collaborated on the expansion of Baker’s songs, and together the compilation is one of pure heart and soul within the Country – Americana Genre.

The album features such intimate songs as “Do You Ever Think of Me”, the melody driven by playful piano and the lyrics heavily sentimental of past relationships; “Just This Side of Never”, a romantic song that touches on the importance of pursuing new opportunities; and “Count It All Joy”, a triumphant song that leaves a lasting feeling of positivity.

Dixie is eager to continue releasing her musical oeuvre by collaborating with artists in the future.  Fondly affected by life’s many obstacles, her music points to a time and a place but ultimately marches forward bravely into a sense of newness and optimism.

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